Our wines are born from the intertwining of two passions. That of the Bonotto family for their land and their vineyards, which grow within the magical Prosecco Hills that have recently become a UNESCO heritage site for their incredible beauty, and that for the genuineness of a product that knows no equal in the world .


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New cellar

Welcome to our world! Is there a better show than this?

Large expanses of rows follow one another as far as the eye can see, immersed in a pleasant silence. Places that invite us to a slower and more respectful course of the environment around us, where they – the vines – intertwine creating wonders.
And our cellar, the beating heart of these places, never stops.
Your journey may lead you to our unique wineyards listed by UNESCO, who knows? Le Contesse will be ready to welcome and show you our precious winery’s nectar.