Our wines are born from the intertwining of two passions. That of the Bonotto family for their land and their vineyards, which grow within the magical Prosecco Hills that have recently become a UNESCO heritage site for their incredible beauty, and that for the genuineness of a product that knows no equal in the world .

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Territory & Vineyards


A magical territory hosting thousands of vineyards among the countless rolling hills, a unique landscape whose beauty is testified by its recent proclamation as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). Here, nature calls the shots, and vast expanses of rows follow in succession as far as the eye can see. These places talk to us, inviting us to slow it down and be more respectful of our surrounding environment: where vines become the protagonists of our life.

The vineyards occupy an area of 200 hectares spread across 8 different municipalities: San Polo di Piave / Mareno di Piave / Santa Lucia di Piave / Vazzola / San Pietro di Feletto / Vittorio Veneto / San Vendemmiano / Roveredo in Piano. A large portion of our grape production area falls within the 55th Italian “World Heritage Site”, the “Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene”. A territory whose beauty speaks for itself: thousands of hectares extending in an east-westerly direction, from Vittorio Veneto to Valdobbiadene, a landscape characterised by hilly ridges, “ciglioni” (small vineyards on narrow grassy embankments), forests, villages and crops. For centuries this rugged terrain has been shaped and adapted by man, creating a unique chequerboard landscape formed by rows of parallel and vertical vines with respect to the slopes.